LG 32″ LED TV 32LJ570U Smart Tv

> SKU: 32LJ570U
  • Description:
  • Display Device (OLED / LCD) LCD
  • Screen Size (Inch) 32H
  • Resolution 1366*768
  • IPS Panel (only for LCD series, including IPS 4K and IPS 4K Display) 32 BOE : Yes
  • Panel Type (only for LCD series) RGB
  • BLU Type (only for LCD series) Direct
  • Video (Picture Quality)
  • True Motion / Refresh Rate (only for LCD series) – / 50 Hz
  • Color Master Engine Yes
  • – Upscaler Resolution Upscaler
  • Differentiated Image Quality …
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UGX 1,150,000


Enriches all colors to previously unseen vibrancy

LG TV’s unique process not only enhances colors, but also adjusts color saturation, hue and luminance. Colors come alive with more intensity and depth.

Improve any image with Resolution Upscaler

Enjoy any image with LG’s Resolution Upscaler, which enhances and optimizes the image no matter thel picture quality of the image.

Virtual Surround sound spreads out the space

LG’s Virtual Surround delivers an expansive field of sound, enhancing the viewing and listening experience. Take your favorite music and movies to another level with Virtual Surround sound.

Be amused with Virtual Surround Plus

Virtual Surround Plus distinctively improves sound directional for an immersive listening experience. The sound performance makes you feel as if you are at a concert or recording studio.

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